Mali: Rainy season/A rainfall management plan drawn up by the authorities

In Mali, the upcoming rainy season is approaching, and meteorological services are warning of concerning floods. According to forecasts, the 2024 rainy season will be characterized by precipitation levels equal to or exceeding normal, leading to higher-than-average water flow in the country’s watercourses.

In light of these predictions, Malian authorities are taking proactive steps by developing a plan to manage the rainfall situation during this period. The goal is to safeguard the population from flood-related risks and protect crops.

As per the Minister of Transport, the following actions are to be undertaken:

  • Educating and informing users from various socio-economic sectors about the seasonal forecast results, along with recommendations on how to cope with them.
  • Conducting rain-triggering operations in areas experiencing rainfall deficits.
  • Disseminating bi-weekly agro-hydrometeorological advice and recommendations to rural producers.
  • Providing bi-weekly agro-hydrometeorological information bulletins to early warning authorities responsible for food security.
  • Issuing meteorological forecast and alert bulletins to authorities responsible for disaster risk prevention.

Titi Keita

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