Burkina-Faso: «Long live the transition, 10 more years for IB», the sovereign people call for an extension

It is now evident to everyone. The sovereign people of Burkina Faso have chosen their side, and it is with the revolutionary President, Captain Ibrahim Traoré. This unifying, protective, and innovative leader is tirelessly committed to ensuring the security, peace, and well-being of his fellow citizens.

This commitment is clearly demonstrated through tangible actions and results across the country.

As the saying goes, «Don’t change a winning team», the people are encouraged to continue their shows of support for President Traoré’s transition, just as they have been doing.

Furthermore, it is prudent for the people to call for a 10-year extension of the transition to allow the transitional government to fully reclaim national territory and complete the major projects initiated since Traoré’s rise to power.

President Traoré himself declared, «There is no area within our territory where our combat forces cannot set foot».

Thus, it is evident that the transition must continue to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

Therefore, Burkinabe citizens, the new slogan for support rallies is: “Long live the transition, 10 more years for IB!”

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