Burkina Faso/Counter-terrorism: No more hiding places or the slightest movement for bush criminals

The relentless efforts of Burkinabe authorities and their skilled fighters have left armed terrorist groups with no safe havens or freedom to carry out their criminal activities. These enemies are now under constant surveillance by aerial scouts who act decisively to rid Burkina Faso of these lawbreakers and bandits.

The fight against terrorism continues with dedication and intensity, focusing on reclaiming national territory.

From May 24 to 26, a series of coordinated air and ground military operations were conducted across several localities in the Centre-North region of Burkina Faso.

These operations successfully neutralized numerous criminals who were either planning attacks or about to execute them.

Operations took place in areas such as Mané, Koumbri, Tilga, Bouroum, and Zambanga.

In these localities, terrorists believed they could hide and orchestrate their malicious plans.

However, they were swiftly detected and dealt with accordingly. Whether hiding under dense trees or en route to their barbaric missions, they were identified and bombarded by aerial forces.

Even those who attempted to flee had no chance of escape. Usable materials left behind by the terrorists were recovered.

The professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication of both ground and air forces have been exemplary.

They have effectively utilized the resources at their disposal to deliver significant defeats to the enemy, ensuring the safety of Burkina Faso and all its citizens.

Civilians must remain steadfast in their support of these brave soldiers to achieve a final victory.

This victory will restore peace, security, and stability to the land of upright people, benefiting all Burkinabe and their neighboring Sahelian communities.




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