Burkina-Faso: Large quantity of counterfeit goods seized in Ouagadougou

The Burkinabe authorities are committed to the well-being of their citizens across all sectors, including security, health, and beyond. Consequently, law enforcement agencies are constantly working, following their superiors’ directives, to ensure a healthy and peaceful life for the population.

In line with these efforts, the Ouagadougou Municipal Police, through its Directorate of Sanitation and Urban Tranquillity (DPSTU), seized a significant quantity of counterfeit products on Friday, May 24, 2024.

According to security sources, this operation followed complaints from residents who experienced health issues after consuming products from a local food store.

Working in coordination with the consumer protection league, a team from the Municipal Police conducted a raid on the premises.

The investigation confirmed the complaints, leading to the seizure of nearly a ton of counterfeit goods.

The shop owner will face legal proceedings for his actions.

The Municipal Police extend their gratitude to the public for their cooperation and urge them to continue reporting any suspicious products in the market to ensure the health and safety of all.

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