The birth of a unified force to combat cybercrime in Togo

Togo is at a critical juncture in its battle against the rising threat of cybercrime. To address this growing menace, the country is poised to implement decisive measures centered around the newly formulated National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2024-2028, which includes establishing a unified entity dedicated to combating this modern scourge.

Until now, the fight against cybercrime in Togo has been divided among the National Police, the National Gendarmerie, the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANCy), and Cyber Defense Africa (CDA).

This fragmented approach has often been criticized for its inefficiency, characterized by cumbersome investigations, lack of coordination, and escalating costs.

Recognizing these challenges, the Togolese government is considering a more integrated approach.

The proposed new entity aims to consolidate resources and expertise into a single, centralized unit.

This centralization is intended to enhance the responsiveness of services, making operations more economical and strategically coherent.

A key component of this restructuring will be the establishment of a National Digital Forensics Laboratory, tasked with conducting scientific research, developing new methodologies, and training agents in these advanced techniques.

By bringing together professionals from various backgrounds, including police officers, gendarmes, and civilians, this new entity aspires to create a robust team capable of effectively addressing digital threats, combating misinformation, and gathering advanced intelligence.

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