Niger/FSSP: Contributions from Nigeriens and Friends continue to reach The management committee

Nigeriens, both at home and abroad, along with their supportive friends, continue to rally in support of the Fund for the Preservation of the Homeland (FSSP). This effort signifies their backing of the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP) in the fight for Niger’s sovereignty and security.

On Monday, May 27, several contributions were received by the fund’s management committee.

Among the contributions, the staff of the Niger Water Heritage Corporation (SPEN) donated 5 million FCFA.

Additionally, the Nigerien diaspora in Switzerland provided an in-kind contribution valued at 20 million FCFA, consisting of swimming gear, balls, and pullovers to support the orphans of fallen defense and security forces (FDS).

On the same day, the fund’s management committee received 1.5 million FCFA from the Nigerien diaspora in Cameroon.

A Nigerien couple residing in Cameroon also contributed 10.1 million FCFA, showcasing their deep love and commitment to their homeland.

Furthermore, Cameroonian pan-Africanist Nathalie Yamb joined the cause by donating 300,000 FCFA on Friday, May 24.

These contributions reflect the dedication of all supporters to aid the authorities’ efforts in combating terrorism and reclaiming Niger’s dignity and sovereignty.

The FSSP is also aimed at providing support to the widows and orphans of those who have sacrificed their lives to liberate the nation from its many enemies.


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