A further step towards deepening the China-Togo partnership

The cooperation between Togo and China is gaining momentum. Following the official visit of China’s Foreign Minister earlier this year, a delegation led by Liu Junfeng, Vice President of the China International Development Cooperation Agency, met with Togo’s Prime Minister, Victoire Dogbé.

This meeting marks a significant step in bolstering bilateral relations and launching new joint initiatives.

The talks, attended by several Togolese government officials, focused on assessing the progress of projects and programs supported by China and exploring future opportunities aligned with Togo’s national priorities.

Prime Minister Dogbé expressed her satisfaction with the tangible achievements in critical sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, energy, health, and trade.

However, she also highlighted ongoing challenges, particularly in security, employment, and environmental issues.

Liu Junfeng reaffirmed China’s commitment to continue and enhance the implementation of current projects and programs in close cooperation with Togo.

He assured that China is dedicated to realizing the projects and programs collaboratively initiated by both nations.

The goal is to elevate their partnership to a new level, maximizing benefits for the populations of both countries.

This strengthened cooperation reflects a shared ambition for development and shared prosperity, rooted in tangible achievements and solid mutual commitments.

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