Cricket World Cup/ Angelo Mathews makes Cricket History with Timed Out decision in a World Cup Match

Sri Lanka’s Angelo Mathews made cricket history by becoming the first batter to be timed out in international cricket during a World Cup group-stage match against Bangladesh in Delhi.

The incident occurred when Mathews was adjusting his helmet, and the strap broke as he attempted to tighten it.

He immediately called for a new helmet and showed the damage to the Bangladesh captain, Shakib Al Hasan.

After discussions with umpires, Mathews was asked to leave the field, and he accepted his fate.

The law regarding being timed out in cricket is somewhat complex. The MCC’s Laws of the game require the incoming batter to be ready to receive the ball within three minutes of the dismissal or retirement, but for this World Cup, the ICC playing conditions reduced that timeframe to two minutes.

The reaction to this incident has been mixed, with some feeling that Mathews should have been given more time to fix his equipment, while others believe the umpires handled the situation appropriately.

 It’s worth noting that this is the first instance of such a situation occurring in international and limited-overs cricket.

In summary, Angelo Mathews was timed out due to a broken helmet strap during a World Cup match, leading to a unique incident in cricket history, with differing opinions on the matter.

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