Mali: Entrepreneurship Training and Empowerment for Youth – Mrs. Dialia Keita, a Successful Entrepreneur, Sponsors Event in Sikasso

Mrs. Dialia Keita, the sponsor of the 4th Week of Solidarity and Fight Against Exclusion in Sikasso, launched an initiative to train 30 individuals, including women and youth, in entrepreneurial techniques in their respective fields. She aims to share her experiences as a successful entrepreneur and promote the empowerment of young people.

The event was attended by government officials and other local dignitaries, highlighting the entrepreneurial potential of women in Sikasso.

Mrs. Dialia Keita emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship in reducing youth migration.

She also expressed her gratitude to her partners who contributed to the success of her projects.

The event aims to inspire young people to pursue entrepreneurial initiatives and showcase local talent.

The Regional Director for Women’s Promotion commended the choice of Mrs. Dialia Keita as the event’s sponsor, and other speakers encouraged young people to follow her example.

A visit to the local product stand allowed participants to appreciate the quality of products made from local resources, including soy.

Titi Keita

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