TOGO / Madjoulba Trial: General Kadangha Sentenced to 50 Years

In Togo, the trial concerning the assassination of Madjoulba continues to be a subject of much discussion. On Friday, the Prosecutor requested a 50-year prison sentence for General Abalo Kadangha after presenting pieces of evidence.

During the hearing, Yendoukoa Songuine and the other six accused were pursued based on evidence related to the crime scene, including the sealed mobile phones of the accused.

Following these elements, the Prosecutor at the court requested very heavy sentences of criminal imprisonment.

Major General Abalo Kadangha and Corporal-Chef Yendoukoa Songunine, the driver of the late Colonel Bitala Madjoulba, received 50 years of criminal imprisonment.

Colonel Ali Kodjo, the central GAFA commander, faces a potential sentence of up to 40 years of criminal imprisonment.

Commanders Bouwè and his deputy Atèkpè, two officers who led the Military Security Unit (USM), and Soldier Akouna, the Secretary on duty during Colonel Madjoulba’s assassination, were sentenced to 30 years.

In contrast, Lieutenant Colonel Agbonkou, Colonel Madjoulba’s deputy, received the shortest sentence of 3 years.

After a lengthy suspension, the presiding judge adjourned the session to Saturday, November 4th, at 9 AM.

However, the defense lawyers have announced that they are not available to represent the accused on Saturday.

This story is developing, and further updates will follow.

Kodjovi Makafui

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