Burkina Faso: It’s patriotic to make a contribution

Where were the international human rights organisations (Human Rights Watch) and the international media, including the French media (Jeune Afrique, RFI, Afrique intelligence, etc.) when the terrorists were rampaging through Burkina Faso? What did they do to help the country? The answer is nothing, apart from rubbing salt in the wounds to encourage their enemies.

Today, as the situation in Burkina Faso has changed and they find more opportunities to loot property, they come out against the authorities in power. Or does Burkina Faso not have the right to defend itself?

When terrorists were committing atrocities against civilians and the French media were praising them, were human rights not being violated?

Who can say today that the situation in Burkina Faso has not changed? Even at a glance, we can see that under Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the country is on the right track.

The trade unions and CSOs that have been lashing out for the past few days have ignored the fact that those who support them (a foreign hand, France) are the same people who put the country in a situation of insecurity.

Instead of thinking otherwise, they are following their detractors to hand the authorities over to the mob.

Burkina Faso will no longer allow itself to be manipulated. The politicians who support these malicious individuals in the shadows will be unmasked.

The time for revolution has come. The message from the dynamic regime is clear: to ensure total independence for Burkina Faso.

Anyone who goes against this vision will face the law. You are a patriot if you do your bit. In 2019, these unions or CSOs existed, but in their enclosure.

Since everything is better today, they want to make a place for themselves. The front needs fighters. Comrades in these unions and CSOs can also serve the nation.


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