Burkina Faso: «save Burkina-Faso» Movement stands ready to support the Transition

The people of Burkina Faso have united in support of Transitional President Ibrahim Traoré, offering a diverse range of assistance to the transitional government in its efforts to restore control to the nation. Several patriotic movements in Faso are actively engaged to ensure the realization of a new vision for Burkina.

«Save Burkina-Faso» Movement is actively contributing to the nation’s rebuilding.

The movement has committed to providing human resources to the Brigade of Volunteers for the Defence of the Homeland Brigade des (BVDP) in response to Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s call for general mobilization.

Additionally, «Save Burkina-Faso» Movement is sharing its expertise with the defense and security forces, offering support in repairing engineering structures and maintaining equipment such as armored vehicles and motorcycles.

Numerous movements are dedicated to the noble task of liberating our homeland. Recently, student entrepreneurs from the support Framework for Community Economy (CASEC) pledged their support for the transitional president’s efforts in endogenous development.

A similar commitment has been made by a coalition of pupils and students. The people of Burkina Faso are conscious and steadfast in their belief that with Captain Traoré, peace and security are assured.

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