Cuba’s Cultural Heritage Protection: Tropicana Cabaret and Dance School

In Havana, Tropicana cabaret remains one of the last pre-revolutionary establishments, continuing to attract global tourists. Each night, adorned in feathers and sequins, dancers passionately perform at Tropicana with the explicit goal of preserving Cuban cultural heritage, a mission that faces challenges with the evolving preferences of the younger generation.

Juan Armando Perez, the artistic director of Tropicana, emphasizes its universality, representing the essence of Cuban music and dance. He states, «Every night, we fight passionately to defend and uphold our culture».

Complementing this commitment, a dance school has emerged near Havana, offering traditional Cuban dance basics to children as young as four.

The initiative, driven by passionate individuals, seeks to instill enthusiasm for various Cuban dance styles like mambo, rumba, and salsa. Classes are conducted three times a week.

Supported by the municipality, the project utilizes provided rehearsal space, while parents cover monthly tuition costs of $29 along with expenses for costumes.

For families dreaming of success, the investment in both money and training is seen as a contribution to the preservation of Cuba’s rich cultural heritage.

In summary, the efforts span from the iconic Tropicana stage to a dance school, embodying a collective dedication to safeguarding and promoting Cuba’s cultural legacy.

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