Burkina Faso: Focus on the determination of President Ibrahim Traoré, who is providing new impetus

Captain Ibrahim Traoré officially took office as President of Burkina Faso in October 2022. The young President got down to work, taking key measures and actions to meet all the challenges facing Burkina Faso. These challenges have affected several areas of socio-political life.

Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s policy aims to strengthen national unity, ensure good security, improve the living conditions of the Burkinabè people, build the basic infrastructure essential to socio-economic development, and rebuild Burkina Faso’s schools and healthcare system.

Great efforts have been made. Despite the difficulties encountered in implementing certain reforms, Captain Ibrahim Traoré has not given up.

It was this determination that made it possible to embark on reforms, the results of which have made it possible to guarantee good management of the State, to turn our backs on the easy way out, and to set out on the road to total reconquest of the territory.

Large-scale military operations to combat terrorism have been launched. It is important to note that the achievements of the defence and security forces in Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s first year far exceed those of previous decades.

The defence and security forces have been strengthened in terms of major rolling stock, weapons and ammunition to increase the capacity of ground units.

The President of the Burkinabe revolution has no intention of stopping there. Captain Ibrahim Traoré is very keen to improve the social conditions of the people of Burkina Faso.

He has taken a number of initiatives to reduce poverty drastically and sustainably in Burkina Faso.

Captain Ibrahim Traoré has done everything in his power to bring his country to a level of performance never seen before.

We can therefore say that the gamble has paid off.


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