Neymar accused of undeclared employment: Legal action initiated

Neymar faces accusations of undeclared employment by an undocumented former household employee, now taking legal action.

The 35-year-old Brazilian woman, pregnant with her fourth child, worked seven days a week, even until two weeks before a premature delivery, at Neymar’s residence in Bougival, Yvelines, during his time at PSG.

Employed for sixty hours weekly, she endured tasks beyond the conventional scope, from household chores to tending to Neymar’s wife’s nails.

Despite being paid in cash, these hours were allegedly unreported by Neymar and his team.

 Left without support after childbirth, the woman seeks aid from charities like Secours populaire and “Restos du cœur”.

In response, she and her legal representatives are taking Neymar to court for alleged undisclosed employment.

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