Burkina Faso: Adoption of new measures to strengthen communication security

Following the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by Captain Ibrahim Traore, President of the Transition, on November 22, the Burkina Faso government has enacted a decree mandating telecommunications companies to retain traffic and location data. The objective is to establish a more robust framework for data retention, offering clarity on the stored information.

Dr Aminata Zerbo/Sabane, Minister for Digital Transition, emphasized that this measure aims to streamline judicial investigations, highlighting key changes such as shorter response times to legal requests.

Simultaneously, the Council approved a draft bill focusing on securing information systems. This initiative seeks to establish a legal framework for cyberspace, regulating the activities of service providers engaged in information systems security.

The recent provision revises an earlier decree outlining the obligations of electronic communications service operators regarding the retention of traffic and location data. The initial decree aimed to ensure the availability of data to judicial authorities for investigating, recording, and prosecuting criminal offenses, as well as for billing and collection purposes. It also stipulated the duration for data retention and the compensation mechanisms for operators facing additional costs.

In October, the Burkinabe government issued a decree streamlining the documentation required for acquiring a SIM card. For individuals, the valid identification includes the CNIB for Burkinabe citizens, the passport for non-Burkinabe individuals, and the refugee card for refugees. Operators are now limited to allocating a maximum of two SIM cards per subscriber.

According to Minister Aminata Zerbo/Sabane, responsible for electronic communications, these measures are designed to enhance the identification framework for subscribers and customers of electronic communications service providers, ultimately reducing the illicit use of these services.


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