France – Africa / New diplomatic horizon: could Jérémie Robert be the new face of France’s African policy?

Amid escalating tensions and mounting concerns over French influence in Africa, President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly taken a decisive step by appointing Jérémie Robert as the Africa advisor at the Élysée Palace. This move comes in the wake of an open letter from 94 French senators criticizing the Élysée’s Africa policy, citing a strained relationship and anti-French sentiments across the continent.

Jérémie Robert, a seasoned diplomat who has served as the French Consul in New York since 2021, brings a wealth of experience and international affairs acumen to his new role.

His appointment is particularly crucial at a sensitive juncture for French foreign policy in Africa, marked by increasing criticism, even from ambassadors, and a diminishing support base among former colonies.

France currently grapples with open crises involving several African nations, including Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. Persistent tensions stemming from perceived French interference in the political affairs of these nations have challenged France’s traditional influence in Africa.

In this challenging context, Jérémie Robert assumes the formidable task of revitalizing France’s Africa policy and repairing diplomatic ties with nations on the continent.

The new Africa advisor will need to collaborate closely with key stakeholders to advance French interests, foster economic partnerships, and rebuild eroded trust. The unfolding events will ultimately reveal how Jérémie Robert addresses these challenges and takes steps to fortify Franco-African relations in the years ahead.


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