Côte d’Ivoire: Integration tournament, when two African heavyweights meet

 At the African Integration Tournament organised by the Ivorian MMA Federation, the strongest man in the world, Iron Biby from Burkina Faso, was the guest of honour.

At the tournament, the Burkinabè met the man he considers a brother, Cameroonian Francis Ngannou, world MMA heavyweight champion. For Iron Biby, the meeting was an opportunity to share experiences.

«Godspeed, champion, and long live African pride», wrote the Burkinabe, for whom these moments of reunion should inspire future champions.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Francis Ngannou’s fight against Tyson Fury earned him a place in the World Boxing Council’s (WBC) top 10 heavyweights.

The Cameroonian is also a member of the Professional Fighter League (PFL) following his epic fight against Tyson Fury.

As for Iron Biby, he confirmed his status as the strongest man in the world by lifting 230kg on 21 October, breaking his own record in the process.

Cheich Al-Hassan Sanou, the 31-year-old from Burkina Faso, is a three-time World Log Lift champion.

He is also the Guinness record holder for having lifted a person 82 times in one minute.

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