Burkina Faso: Terrorists have been through hell in Djibo

Following the attack by terrorists on 19 November 2023 on a VDP position in Kogloré (near Ouargaye), the Burkina Faso army launched an offensive that left the criminals no chance. But despite the many massacres they have suffered, the terrorists have not given up.

On Monday, as if to avenge their comrades killed in recent days, the motorcycle-borne terrorists once again mobilised in large numbers, with the aim of taking the town of Djibo hostage and killing civilians as they went about their business.

But unfortunately for them, nothing happened as they had hoped. The response from the fighting forces was very bloody.

The angry pilots put the criminals through hell. It was like an incineration site. Nothing but fire on the bandits.

Dozens of them were decimated by the fires spat out repeatedly by the aerial vectors.

None of their number escaped alive, while those who tried to flee were massacred by the forces on the ground, determined to carry out a complete sweep of the area.

The promptness and responsiveness of the fighting forces are once again to be commended.

On all fronts, they have repeatedly risen to the challenge, showing the terrorists that they will no longer have a foothold on Burkinabe soil.

The determination and commitment of the Head of State, Ibrahim Traoré, to put an end to terrorism is bearing fruit.

The end of terrorism is near, and new days lie ahead for the country of honest people, thanks to the reconquest of the national territory.

Those who claim that there is no war, discrediting Ibrahim Traoré’s efforts, have been served!

Papa Ibrahima

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