Togo: Togo unveils its economic opportunities at the 4th G20 Compact with Africa summit in Berlin

Last week, a dynamic delegation of public and private players from Togo stormed Berlin to take part in the 4 summit of the G20 Compact with Africa. Combining strengths and skills, the Togolese representatives also made their presence felt at a business forum, where the main objective was to present the country’s many economic opportunities in various sectors and establish new business relationships with international private partners.

The Minister for Trade, Rose Mivedor, and her colleague for Energy, Mila Aziable, played a central role in this initiative, positioning themselves as standard-bearers for Togo’s economic strengths.

They engaged in fruitful discussions with the German business leaders, learning about the areas of expertise of several German SMEs and highlighting Togo’s attractiveness and promising potential.

Emphasis was placed on the diversity of opportunities in key sectors such as energy, trade and investment, with a particular focus on the expertise of German SMEs that could complement Togo’s needs.

Exchanges were dynamic, with in-depth discussions on the modalities of cooperation and the mutual benefits that could accrue to both parties.

In addition to informal discussions, a number of strategic contacts were made, paving the way for potential partnerships and fruitful collaborations.

These relations, which were initiated at the G20 Compact with Africa summit, should become more concrete through more in-depth collaboration, in particular with the Ministry of Investment Promotion.

Togo’s vision as an economic hub in West Africa was clearly articulated, and Togolese players demonstrated a firm commitment to the country’s economic development.

The benefits of this participation should be felt through increased foreign investment, greater employment opportunities, and enhanced collaboration between the public and private sectors to stimulate economic growth.


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