Africa: Morocco maintains its firm position in Favour of the rights of the Palestinian People

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, called on the international community to adopt a decisive and binding resolution on the immediate implementation of a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

In a message, King Mohammed VI reiterated Morocco’s unshakeable position in favour of the just Palestinian cause and reaffirmed its support for the legitimate rights of the brotherly Palestinian people.

In his message, King Mohammed VI called on the active powers and the Security Council to put aside their differences and work together to adopt a resolution that will aim, in a decisive and binding manner, for the immediate implementation of a lasting ceasefire, in accordance with the rules of international law and international humanitarian law.

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, recalled the urgent priorities defined to put an end to the massacre of human lives, namely: an urgent and concrete de-escalation and an end to military aggression in order to achieve a lasting and verifiable ceasefire.

To these must be added the protection of civilians, the free flow of humanitarian aid in sufficient quantities to the people of Gaza, and a political perspective for the Palestinian question that will revive the two-State solution.

In this respect, the King of Morocco reiterates his rejection and condemnation of all the atrocities committed, the policy of collective punishment, forced displacement and any attempt to impose a new fait accompli.

Yann Eternel

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