Foot/Lionel Scaloni’s ambiguous future as Argentina’s National Team Coach

In Argentina, Lionel Scaloni continues to keep the football world in suspense regarding his future as the head coach of the national team. Despite achieving remarkable success, including winning the Copa America and securing the top spot in the FIFA rankings, Scaloni seems reluctant to commit to leading Argentina in the upcoming endeavors.

After delivering a historic defeat to Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers, Scaloni made headlines with comments about his uncertain future.

During the draw ceremony for the next Copa America, he reiterated his indecision, stating, «I am here because I am still the coach, but I am still thinking about my decision. I said after the match against Brazil that it was a moment of reflection, and I am still in that situation. I am calmly thinking about how everything is going, whether to start again or what».

Scaloni emphasized the well-being of the players, expressing the need for a coach with full enthusiasm and energy at their level.

He highlighted the excellent relationship with President Tapia, asserting that the decision rests solely on him and the coaching staff to determine the best course for the national team.

«I spoke to Messi after the match against Brazil; he is the captain, and I have an excellent relationship with him. I also spoke with Tapia on good terms, as always», reported the Argentine media.

As speculation grows, the football world eagerly awaits Scaloni’s final decision on whether he will continue to lead Argentina or embark on a new chapter in his coaching career.

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