Morocco: Towards health cover for non-working people able to pay their contributions

The Council of Government met in Rabat on Thursday 7 November under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, to approve draft decree 2.23.690 implementing law 60.22 on the compulsory basic health insurance scheme for people who are able to pay their contributions and are not in paid or unpaid employment.

Presented by the Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, on behalf of the Minister for Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb, the draft decree aims to define the ability to pay contributions, explain the procedures for submitting applications for registration, and detail the stages in their processing by the management body.

According to Mr Baitas, the project gives the management body the possibility of concluding data exchange agreements with various departments, bodies and institutions providing services in the field of health cover.

This is intended to check that applicants for registration are not affiliated to other basic compulsory health insurance schemes.

The draft decree also sets out the procedures for issuing a registration certificate to the insured person, including the monthly subscription amount due to the management body.

It deals with the terms and deadlines for payment of contributions, setting out the obligation to pay these contributions monthly, in accordance with the provisions of the basic compulsory health insurance scheme defined by law 98.15.

In addition, the draft specifies the amount of the monthly contributions according to the rating levels obtained by the beneficiaries of the social assistance programmes, according to the established targeting system.


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