Burkina Faso/security: The fight against terrorism continues in the “land of the Honest People”

The fighting forces, with the help of aerial vectors, continue to inflict heavy losses on the enemies of the exchange, the armed groups and the criminals. They are even being pursued and hunted down in their hideouts (their bases) in the forests.

One of these bases of misfortune was destroyed again on Thursday 28 December 2023, after several others since the beginning of this year 2023.

According to information from security sources relayed by AIB, a terrorist base in the Tia forest in the Mouhoun loop was destroyed by aerial bombardment and several criminals neutralised.

In addition to the Tia forest, several other terrorists were massacred on the morning of Thursday 28 December 2023 in the vicinity of Tialboanga, 7 km from Sakoani in the Matiacoali area, Gourma province, in eastern Burkina Faso.

This was made possible by a joint operation between air fighters and ground units.

With the courage, determination and firm commitment of the fighters and the transitional authorities, this scourge will soon come to an end.

It is therefore important for the citizens of Burkina Faso to also arm themselves with the will to accompany and support, to commit themselves alongside the armed forces and to redouble their efforts, with the aim of hearing no more of the terrorists of the stock exchange by this time next year (2024).

No discouragement, no weakening, because success is always at the end of the effort, as we often say.

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Papa Ibrahima

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