Burkina Faso: New year, new beginning. Captain Ibrahim TRAORE talks to the staff of the Presidency

This Monday morning, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, President of the Transition and Head of State, held a crucial meeting with the staff of the Presidency of Burkina Faso and its affiliated services. The primary aim of this gathering was to discuss the institution’s functioning and define the directions of the Transition for the year 2024.

President of the Transition took the opportunity to remind the staff of the Presidency of Burkina Faso of the crucial role they play in conveying the government’s ideology.

Highlighting the 15 months since the beginning of the Transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré urged the staff members to contemplate a new dynamic for the institution and the country as a whole.

The Head of State’s address shed light on the unique role of the central personnel in the administration and their direct witness to the evolution of the security situation during the Transition.

The 15-month period has been marked by significant challenges, and the President expressed confidence in the staff to overcome upcoming obstacles.

At the onset of the year, the President of the Transition emphasized the importance of embarking on a new beginning.

This message resonates as a call for unity and renewed commitment to the goals of the Transition.

The need to reinvigorate the institution and contribute to the well-being of the country was underscored.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss the Transition’s directions for the upcoming year.

Perspectives and projects were shared, offering a glimpse of a future where the staff of the Presidency of Burkina Faso will continue to play a key role in implementing government policies.

This meeting between the President of the Transition and the staff of the Presidency of Burkina Faso marks a new chapter for the institution.

The exchanges highlighted the importance of collective commitment to overcome challenges and work together for the prosperity and stability of the country in this year 2024.

The collaborative spirit emphasized in the meeting sets the tone for a year of collective efforts and shared dedication towards the goals of the Transition, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among the staff of the Presidency of Burkina Faso.




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