President Ibrahim Traoré declares war against corruption and administrative delays in Burkina Faso

In a crucial meeting with the staff of the Presidency of Burkina Faso and its affiliated services, President Ibrahim Traoré emphasized his commitment to tackling corruption and administrative dullness in the Burkinabe government for the year 2024.

President Ibrahim Traoré, at a gathering on Monday, underscored the urgent need to address two major challenges plaguing the Burkinabe administration: corruption and bureaucratic delays.

This meeting holds paramount significance for President Traoré, as he seeks to eliminate these hindrances that have long impeded the efficiency of the Burkinabe government.

Addressing the assembled personnel, President Ibrahim Traoré highlighted the pivotal role they play in embodying the administration’s ideology.

Reflecting on the past 15 months, he acknowledged the complex nature of the issues at hand, particularly in the face of administrative challenges and the evolving security situation.

President Traoré urged a fresh start for both the institution and the entire nation in the new year.

While noting progress in the fight against terrorism, the President candidly admitted that certain aspects, namely corruption and administrative delays, have not witnessed substantial improvement.

He attributed this stagnation to a dedicated effort to sensitize and communicate with individuals within both the military and civilian sectors.

President Traoré unequivocally declared that proven instances of corruption or laxity within the public administration would not go unpunished.

Expressing frustration, he criticized instances where individuals, when faced with dismissal, exploit legal texts inappropriately.

He emphasized the need for everyone to fulfill their designated roles and responsibilities.

The President also denounced a practice involving the outsourcing of tasks to external agencies, tasks that should ideally be performed by public administration executives.

He vowed to end this deceptive practice, pointing out the collusion between these executives and external agencies, often driven by undisclosed financial arrangements.

President Ibrahim Traoré expressed determination to establish disciplinary councils at all levels within the administration to ensure that erring officials face appropriate consequences for their misconduct.

As Burkina Faso enters a new year, President Ibrahim Traoré’s resolute stance against corruption and bureaucratic delays signals a commitment to fostering a more transparent and efficient government.

The President’s call for disciplinary measures underscores the urgency of addressing these issues to propel the nation forward.




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