China imposes Sanctions on U.S. Defense Companies Over Arms Sales to Taiwan

Chinese authorities have announced sanctions against five American companies for arms sales to Taiwan. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that the defense companies BAE Systems Land and Armament, Alliant Techsystems Operation, AeroVironment, ViaSat, and Data Link Solutions would be targeted by the sanctions.

«The countermeasures involve freezing the assets of these companies in China, including their movable and immovable properties, and prohibiting organizations and individuals in China from conducting transactions and cooperating with them», the ministry said.

«U.S. arms sales to the Chinese region of Taiwan […] seriously harm China’s sovereignty and security interests», the statement adds.

Beijing has increased pressure on Taiwan since the pro-independence President Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016.

China regularly sends aircraft and warships near the island, and the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense has recently reported several sightings of balloons sent from mainland China.

Washington and Taipei have warned Beijing against any attempts to influence the presidential elections scheduled in Taiwan in mid-January.

China, which considers Taiwan as an integral part of its territory, has vowed to reunite the island with the mainland, using force if necessary.



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