Burkina Faso: The train of economic sovereignty started with the transition, is on its way to total fulfilment

With the transition of Captain Ibrahim TRAORE to the head of state, the Burkina Faso government’s ambitious agenda for the structural and profound transformation of the national economy is underway. The energy and mining sector stands out as a true engine of economic growth in Burkina Faso and is currently undergoing restructuring to fully play its role.

As planned and announced during the launch of the construction of the first gold refinery on November 23, the plant dedicated to the management of mining residues will be operational.

President TRAORE is officially launching the activities of this mining residue treatment plant on Tuesday, January 23.

Named the Golden Hand plant, this mining facility located in the industrial zone of Kossodo in Ouagadougou will be responsible for extracting and processing the remaining precious metals from the residues.

In essence, this plant will collect mining substances resulting from gold mining in various mining units for local processing.



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