Burkina Faso: Number two of the Islamic State in the Great Sahara neutralized

The Burkina Faso Armed Forces have announced the successful «neutralization» of a high-ranking leader of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS). Harouna Oulel, also known as Abdel-Malick, held the position of the second-in-command of ISGS in the country.

He was killed during an operation in the Sahel region on January 21, alongside several of his lieutenants.

This neutralization represents a significant step forward in the fight against terrorism and the reclaiming of areas under jihadist control, particularly in northern Burkina Faso.

The operation was targeted, focusing on Abdel-Malick’s convoy. The Burkinabe Armed Forces managed to bomb the convoy from the air as it took a break under shrubbery.

On the ground, soldiers confirmed the death of five terrorists, including Abdel-Malick, and the destruction of motorcycles and weaponry.

The neutralization of Abdel-Malick is a severe blow to the hierarchy of ISGS in Burkina Faso, significantly weakening its operational capabilities.

This victory attests to the effectiveness of Burkina Faso’s security forces in the fight against terrorism and reinforces the country’s determination to eradicate the jihadist threat.

The Sahel region has been the epicenter of terrorist activity in Burkina Faso, and the neutralization of Abdel-Malick contributes to weakening the jihadist group in this strategic area.

This successful operation boosts confidence in the ability of Burkina Faso’s security forces to protect the population and regain control of territories once under the grip of terrorist groups.

Papa Ibrahima


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