Burkina Faso: President Ibrahim Traoré salutes the inventive spirit of Burkinabe researchers and inventors at the launch of Golden Hand SA

President Ibrahim Traoré praises the inventive spirit of Burkinabe researchers and inventors at the launch of Golden Hand SA. In a ceremony marked by the successful launch of activities at the Golden Hand SA mining residue treatment plant, President Ibrahim Traoré expressed his pride by commending the exceptional ingenuity of Burkinabe researchers and inventors.

An ambition long nurtured, the mining residue treatment plant has now become a tangible reality, showcasing the Transitional authorities’ determination to stimulate endogenous development based on the use of local expertise to transform national resources.

The uniqueness of this achievement lies in the fact that the equipment used in the plant is entirely designed by Burkinabe artisans, illustrating an innovative approach and unwavering confidence in national capabilities.

During his address, Captain Ibrahim Traoré described the equipment of the mining residue treatment plant as revolutionary.

He proudly emphasized that Burkina Faso is the second country in Africa to develop this technology—a technology not imported but the result of local genius.

Captain Ibrahim Traoré specifically came to commend the ingenuity of Burkinabe researchers and inventors, highlighting the crucial role of local creativity in the country’s technological transformation.

The establishment of the plant will enable Burkina Faso to locally process mining residues, thereby strengthening its control over resources that were previously exported for treatment.

President Ibrahim Traoré expressed confidence in the skills of the Burkinab people to sustain efforts in machine production and efficient mining residue treatment.

He emphasized that this marks a positive step towards greater sovereignty and autonomous management of national resources.

The President invited West and Central African neighboring countries to consider Burkina Faso as a destination for processing their mining residues, emphasizing that the country possesses the necessary technology.

Reaffirming his support and confidence in local engineers, President Ibrahim Traoré also encouraged the private sector to invest more in Burkina Faso, thereby placing the country on the map of technological innovation and sustainable development.


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