Mali expresses reservations about the final report of the NAM summit and calls for the withdrawal of a chapter devoted to it

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdoulaye Diop, commented on the final report of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit, on which Mali expressed reservations. According to the minister, President Museveni agrees with the arguments put forward by Mali, and the report will record that the State of Mali opposes the text and is in no way bound by it.

Abdoulaye Diop emphasized that a complete chapter dedicated to Mali was proposed by an unidentified state during the NAM proceedings, and this chapter refers to subjects such as the sanctions regime and the peace agreement. The minister indicated that this text is contrary to Mali’s interests.

Despite Mali’s reservations, the chapter was included in the final summit report. Minister Diop explained that Mali requested the outright removal of the text, emphasizing that the country must be consulted on all matters concerning it to give its agreement on the principle and content of the text.

The minister also noted that Mali raised concerns about NAM’s working methods, advocating for greater transparency and respect for the sovereignty of member states.

He indicated that the Ugandan president has taken these concerns into account and highlighted the need for the organization to evolve in its working methods.

Abdoulaye Diop concluded by emphasizing that this incident allowed addressing Mali’s concern and evolving NAM’s way of working.

 He highlighted the importance for Mali to speak with dignity on the international stage, asserting that no one loves the country more than the Malians themselves, and they are capable of understanding and resolving their own problems.


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