Burkina Faso: The President of the Transitional Legislative Assembly receives Malian MPs

A delegation of deputies from the National Transitional Council (CNT) of Mali, which arrived in Burkina on January 22, was received in audience on Tuesday, January 23, by the President of the Legislative Transition Assembly (ALT), Ousmane Bougouma. The meeting is part of the excellent relationship of cooperation and friendship between Malian and Burkinabe deputies.

Following their meeting, Racky Talla Diarra, the 5th Vice President of the CNT, revealed that the discussions with the head of the Burkinabe parliament focused on the common challenges that Burkina Faso and Mali face.

In this regard, Racky Talla Diarra praised the existence of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES), which includes Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

She also emphasized the duty of parliamentarians to support the implementation of this alliance.

«Our role as parliamentarians is to see under what conditions we can, beyond the framework of exchanges and sharing experiences, support our different states, our different heads of state in the implementation of the recommendations of the experts and ministers of the Alliance of Sahel States», she suggested.

Ousmane Bougouma, in turn, congratulated the Malian deputies for their initiative and provided them with recommendations for the upcoming working session.

Furthermore, the members of the Malian delegation expressed their congratulations to the Defense and Security Forces of Mali and Burkina Faso for the results achieved in the fight against terrorism.

After bidding farewell to the President of the Legislative Transition Assembly, Malian and Burkinabe deputies gathered to begin their work.



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