Togo/Social action: Assessment of the Togolese Government’s actions in favour of vulnerable groups

The Togolese government’s actions to strengthen inclusion and harmony across the national territory continued in 2023 under the coordination of the Ministry of Social Action. As the new year begins, it is time for the ministry to assess its achievements.

According to recently released statistics, a total of 933,484 people, including over 510,000 women and girls, benefited from various interventions by the ministry responsible for social action.

The beneficiaries of these actions include the destitute, victims of natural disasters, displaced persons, and refugees.

The ministry reported that the Kara region in the north of Togo was most impacted in 2023, with over 200,000 people reached.

The interventions covered areas such as combating vulnerabilities of persons with disabilities and the elderly, assistance to indigent patients, victims of disasters, and more.

Approximately 260,000 people received support, training, and awareness campaigns.

In child protection, over 350,000 minors were assisted against violence and trafficking.

Additionally, more than 250,000 women were targeted for actions promoting education, training, and combating gender-based violence.

In the field of literacy and non-formal education, a dedicated service enrolled and provided courses to 43,401 individuals nationwide.

The interventions required a budget of 1.7 billion FCFA allocated by the government and a contribution of 456.3 million FCFA from technical and financial partners.

For the year 2024, the Togolese government aims to strengthen synergy and efficiency in on-the-ground actions for the well-being of the needy populations.


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