Burkina Faso / President Ibrahim Traoré: A leader committed to quality healthcare for all

In his ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare services in Burkina Faso, President Ibrahim Traoré has distinguished himself as a staunch advocate for quality healthcare for all. His commitment was notably underscored with the inauguration of the first hemodialysis unit at the Tenkodogo Regional Hospital Center this Monday.

The Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, Robert Lucien Jean-Claude Kargougou, presided over the inauguration of this unit, marking a significant milestone in the region’s healthcare services.

With an estimated cost of over 195 million CFA francs, this modern infrastructure is designed to provide hemodialysis treatments to approximately 240 patients.

The unit comprises a main dialysis room, as well as a VIP dialysis room equipped with 12 hemodialysis stations.

With a capacity for 60 patients undergoing two dialysis sessions per week, this facility represents a tangible hope for individuals suffering from renal insufficiency in the region.

This innovative project is the result of a successful collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the Tenkodogo Regional Hospital Center, and the company Sibiri Biomedical Services.

The latter has taken charge of installing the dialysis stations, water treatment equipment, as well as providing maintenance and training for the staff.

Minister Kargougou emphasized that the government, under President Ibrahim Traoré’s leadership, is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of this unit.

He announced an annual grant of over 300 million CFA francs allocated to the Tenkodogo Regional Hospital Center, facilitating the continuous acquisition of hemodialysis kits exclusively from Sibiri Biomedical Services.

The inauguration of this hemodialysis unit in Tenkodogo reflects President Ibrahim Traoré’s unwavering commitment to providing accessible, quality healthcare for all, marking a significant advancement in healthcare service delivery in Burkina Faso.


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