Burkina-Faso: Ibrahim Traoré aspires to a high-performance health sector

On the occasion of Burkina Faso’s 63rd Independence Day, President of the transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, addressed the nation with a renewed commitment to enhancing social well-being for the people of Burkina Faso. In a speech, the President emphasized his dedication to improving the performance of the health sector to ensure adequate care for the citizens.

President Traoré highlighted the acquisition of modern equipment, thanks to the collective efforts of the people.

«Our ambition is to build modern hospitals to enable our nurses and doctors to fulfill their potential», stated the President, expressing a desire for the Gaoua hospital model to be replicated across all regions.

Referencing the laying of the foundation stone for the University Hospital Centre in Gaoua on November 30, 2023, President Traoré detailed the project’s significance.

The forthcoming hospital, with a capacity of 300 beds and around fifty departments, aims to serve patients not only from the region but also from neighboring countries.

However, Captain Traoré also addressed the challenges faced by Burkina Faso, notably the dengue fever epidemic that has affected many this year.

He attributed this situation to public health and sanitation concerns, reassuring the public that action would be taken to improve the public health and sanitation plan. He called upon the population to actively participate in these initiatives.

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