Gabon: The government plans to invest FCFA 1,333 billion in road infrastructure

The Transition Government of Gabon aims to invest more than XAF 1.333 trillion between 2024 and 2026, with allocations of XAF 225.1 billion in 2024, XAF 601.1 billion in 2025, and XAF 505.8 billion in 2026, according to the National Development Plan for the Transition (PNDT).

Authorities of the transition have already mobilized XAF 215.6 billion. In addition to the government’s own funds, it relies on external and private financing, as well as public-private partnerships, to raise the remaining XAF 1,117.4 billion.

The funds are intended for the rehabilitation and development of roads in Grand Libreville, provincial capitals, and departmental headquarters.

Planned projects also include the renovation of buildings for subdivisions and provincial directorates, housing construction, watershed development, maintenance of dependencies, sanitation of 500 km of asphalted roads, and the rehabilitation of major structures such as bridges.

Among the priority road projects identified by the Transition Government are the development of the bypass of the city of Oyem with a projected cost of XAF 12.7 billion, the rehabilitation of the Bifoun-Lambaréné section for XAF 45.6 billion, the development of the Ntoum – Cocobeach road for XAF 68.8 billion, and the continuation of construction and rehabilitation work on the Transgabonese road currently underway.

The government also plans to allocate over XAF 198.3 billion to complete road projects that have been stalled since 2013, including sections such as Ovan – Makokou, Ndendé – Tchibanga, Port Gentil – Mbéga, Moanda – Bakoumba, and Tchibanga – Mayumba.

The implementation of these infrastructure projects will help strengthen the Gabonese road network, with less than 20% currently in good condition.

The country has 10,384 km of roads (excluding urban roads), with approximately 1,800 km paved and 467 km unpaved, according to official data.

Jean-Robert TCHANDY

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