Niger: Around fifteen terrorists neutralized during an operation in the west of the country

The Nigerien Army announced on Wednesday that it had eliminated around fifteen terrorists, captured several others, and destroyed a significant amount of their logistics during an operation conducted since January 26 in the Téra department in the west of the country, as reported by local media.

According to these reports, «this operation, conducted as part of the cleanup of the right bank of the Niger River, where several very active terrorist groups are based, also led to the dismantling of five illegal gold mining sites, neutralizing several other terrorists, discovering and defusing several improvised explosive devices (IEDs), as well as two IED manufacturing workshops, seizing logistics, fuel, motorcycles, provisions, and vehicles».

The same source adds that two unfortunate incidents related to improvised explosive devices occurred during the dismantling of illegal gold mining sites, resulting in the death of a member of the defense and security forces and injuring two others who were evacuated with the assistance of Burkinabe partners.

The operation, named «Passa» and launched by the highest authorities of the country, continues actively in the area, announced the military.

The Sahel has been under terrorist threat for several years. Faced with this challenge, the Sahel countries have decided to defend themselves.

Thus, the combating forces are launching assaults against terrorists, and the results are proving successful on the ground.

The collaboration between the combating forces of Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso is yielding victories against terrorists, where French troops have faced challenges.

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