Mali: Inter-Malian dialogue, the communities of the Kidal region commit themselves to the transition

Following the seizure of Kidal and the termination of the Algiers Agreement, the transitional authorities in Mali have launched a pivotal initiative: an intra-Malian dialogue aimed at establishing lasting peace in the country.

In this effort, President Assimi Goïta has made a significant decision by issuing a decree establishing a national dialogue framework, and he has proceeded to appoint members to this framework.

Displaying unwavering determination to reconcile Mali, the president stated that this dialogue will be exclusively national, excluding any foreign interference.

In the wake of this initiative, a government delegation visited Kidal on Thursday, February 1, marking the return of the Malian government to this region once controlled by Touareg rebels.

The objective of this mission was to meet with the local population and gather their concerns, a crucial step in the intra-Malian dialogue.

President Assimi Goïta, after taking control of Kidal, also took a symbolic step by appointing General Touareg Imrad El Hadj Gamou as the governor of the region.

This appointment reinforces the commitment of the Malian government to reconcile the entire Malian population, highlighting the intention to neutralize factors of insurgency rather than targeting the Touaregs.

This vision is widely supported by the Ichidinharane communities in the Menaka region, expressing their endorsement of the Malian transition in its efforts to restore peace and work towards the prosperity of Mali.

Titi Keita

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