Rapper MHD released pending appeal after twelve-year murder conviction

 French rapper MHD, sentenced to twelve years in prison, has been released pending his appeal trial. He had been incarcerated in September 2023.

The request for the release of rapper MHD, convicted in September to twelve years of imprisonment for murder, has been approved before his appeal trial, according to a Western magazine.

He has thus obtained his freedom from the Paris Court of Appeal, as reported by his lawyer to the magazine. This decision comes before his appeal trial, the media specifies.

MHD had been implicated by several witnesses who claimed his presence at the crime scene on the night of July 5 to 6, 2018, according to AFP.

Loïc Kamtchouang, 23, had been deliberately hit by a Mercedes in Paris, then beaten by about ten men and stabbed. He died shortly after his attackers left.

Investigators had established that the Mercedes, found burned in a parking lot the day after the incident, belonged to the rapper MHD.

A video also confirmed the rapper’s presence at the crime scene.

In this case, five other individuals had also received sentences ranging from ten to eighteen years in prison, while three men were ultimately acquitted.


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