Burkina Faso: Intelligence services prove highly effective in the fight against terrorism and foil several plots

Since Captain Ibrahim Traoré assumed power, Burkina Faso’s intelligence services have exhibited remarkable effectiveness, earning accolades and respect from various West African nations. Their adeptness in thwarting multiple plots, even beyond the country’s borders, underscores their professionalism and commitment to regional security.

At the helm of these achievements is Commander Oumarou Yabré, whose leadership and exceptional performance in executing his duties warrant recognition.

Under his guidance, Burkina Faso’s intelligence services have not only safeguarded national security but have also played a pivotal role in upholding stability across the region.

The authorities within Burkina Faso’s intelligence services deserve commendation for their unwavering dedication to protecting both Burkina Faso and its citizens.

Their continual vigilance and adeptness at anticipating and neutralizing threats have not only saved lives but also averted potential crises.

It’s crucial to underscore the steadfast support of the Burkinabe people for their authorities and security forces.

This national unity must remain steadfast, reinforcing the nation’s resolve to combat terrorism and all forms of crime that pose threats to its sovereignty and stability.

Today, it is evident that President Ibrahim Traoré’s fight against the forces of evil stands as a national priority.

The Burkinabe people must persist in supporting the transitional authorities in this ongoing struggle, acknowledging that the country’s security and development hinge on effectively addressing this challenge.

The achievements of Burkina Faso’s intelligence services bear witness to their determination and competence in protecting not only the nation but also the broader region from emerging threats.

With the enlightened leadership of Commander Oumarou Yabré and the unwavering support of the Burkinabe people, Burkina Faso stands well-prepared to confront future challenges, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for its citizens.


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