Burkina Faso – Morocco / Strengthening cooperation in the communication, culture, arts and tourism sectors

The pinnacle of bilateral cooperation between Burkina Faso and the Kingdom of Morocco was evident in the recent meeting between Burkina Faso’s Minister of State for Communication, Culture, Arts, and Tourism, Jean Emmanuel OUÉDRAOGO, and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Burkina Faso, SEM Youssef SLAOUI, held in Ouagadougou.

In this cordial meeting, the two parties discussed the state of their bilateral cooperation, emphasizing the progress made in the fields of communication, culture, arts, and tourism.

This dynamic and constructive collaboration reflects the mutual commitment of both countries to strengthen ties in crucial areas for economic and social development.

The discussions particularly focused on initiatives aimed at promoting tourism, a vital sector for both nations.

A Burkinabe delegation, representing both the public and private sectors of tourism, is currently in Morocco to draw inspiration from the Moroccan model and exchange experiences.

This initiative underscores the commitment of both countries to share knowledge and collaborate in developing innovative and impactful tourism projects.

Expressing gratitude towards the Kingdom of Morocco, Minister of State Jean Emmanuel OUÉDRAOGO highlighted Morocco’s continuous support to Burkina Faso in the cultural and tourism domains.

This recognition signifies Burkina Faso’s deep appreciation for its Moroccan partner, consistently present at major cultural and tourism events.

Minister of State OUÉDRAOGO also affirmed his readiness to work closely with SEM Youssef SLAOUI to further promote the fields of communication, culture, arts, and tourism.

This mutually beneficial collaboration aligns with a perspective of solidarity-driven cooperation, aiming to strengthen ties between the two states and stimulate their economic and social development.

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