Senegal: Ousmane Sonko, “the thorn in the side” of national dialogue?

Ousmane Sonko’s legal saga has once again taken center stage in Senegalese politics, not due to the current national dialogue but because of the State of Senegal’s appeal against the Dakar magistrate’s decision. This appeal is slated for March 14, 2024.

Should the former leader of Pastef prevail, the Constitutional Council might reinstate his candidacy among the validated candidates, echoing a similar scenario envisioned for Karim Wade.

Sources suggest that Ousmane Sonko’s case featured prominently in discussions during the recent national dialogue commission.

Legal background

  • The State of Senegal’s appeal against the Dakar magistrate’s decision is scheduled for March 14, 2024.
  • A favorable outcome for Ousmane Sonko could lead to the reinstatement of his candidacy in the list of validated candidates.
  • This could potentially enable his participation in the upcoming elections.

National dialogue

  • The topic of Ousmane Sonko’s case was a focal point during the national dialogue commission.
  • His political standing is under close scrutiny by various political figures and citizens.


  • The verdict on the State of Senegal’s appeal will significantly shape the Senegalese political landscape.
  • Some draw parallels with Karim Wade’s case, anticipating a potential reassessment of his candidacy.

The impending decision regarding the State of Senegal’s appeal against the Dakar magistrate’s ruling holds considerable consequences for Ousmane Sonko’s involvement in the forthcoming elections.

His case remains a focal point within the ongoing national dialogue.


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