In Burkina Faso, the people of Yagha have shown their support for the fighting forces for their efforts in liberating territories that fell under the control of malicious forces, notably the city of Sebba. Through a demonstration organized on Saturday, March 23, 2024, religious leaders, traditional chiefs, women, and youth from the locality paid well-deserved tribute to the Burkinabe soldiers.

Almost spontaneously, the local populations and internally displaced persons from surrounding areas all converged on the military camp in the city and quickly set up tents and arranged chairs for a supportive demonstration.

This impromptu movement aims to express gratitude to the fighting forces for providing them with a sense of security since their deployment in the city.

It’s worth noting that the locality of Sebba was under enemy control for over a year, instilling fear and terror among the inhabitants who couldn’t move freely without the risk of abduction or death.

However, tranquillity has returned to the area today, thanks to the relentless battles waged against the malicious forces.

Following this commendable liberation effort, the new detachment team has taken over, continuing to secure the zone.

Hence, the purpose of this show of support for the patriotic fighters, held at the VDP headquarters just meters away from the camp.

The patrol teams’ security efforts recently led to neutralizing a group of terrorists on the Sebba-Solhan axis.

With their presence and patrol operations, the population can now go about their daily activities safely.

As a token of appreciation for the fighters, religious leaders delivered gratitude speeches and symbolically presented a white turban to the detachment leader, signifying a strong gesture of respect and recognition from the population.

It’s important to mention that the white turban is an accessory worn by the Fulani chiefs in the province.

Presenting this headgear to the detachment leader signifies the profound respect and recognition from the population towards the FDS and VDP.

«This white turban is worn by Fulani chiefs; you are a Bobo. This doesn’t mean you are the chief of the Fulani. Between the Fulani and the Bobo, you know who the chief is. You, your team, and your hierarchy deserve all the credit», stated one of the religious leaders.

The organizers also used the opportunity to emphasize the need for continued security actions in the city for the well-being of the population and requested the opening of the national road to ensure regular land supplies for the community.

Papa Ibrahima



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