Niger: An official letter sent to Washington demanding a timetable for the withdrawal of US soldiers

In Niger, an official diplomatic letter was sent to Washington requesting a clear timeline for the withdrawal of approximately a thousand American soldiers stationed mainly at the 201 drone base in Agadez, located in the northern region of the country.

This action follows a statement made by the spokesperson of the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Fatherland (CNSP) on March 17, which criticized the agreement governing the status of US forces in Niger.

In response to this statement, the US Ambassador to Niamey sought clarification from the Nigerien government regarding whether the statement should be understood as a formal request for the withdrawal of American troops.

 The government’s response confirmed this interpretation.

This decision marks a significant turning point in the relationship between Niger and the United States, highlighting the tensions surrounding the presence of American military personnel in the region.

The Agadez 201 drone base has long been a key strategic asset for US military operations, particularly in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel.

The official request for the withdrawal of American troops sends a strong message from Niger, indicating possible concerns about the status of foreign forces on its soil and asserting its national sovereignty.

This development occurs within a broader regional context where Sahel countries are reevaluating their relationships with foreign powers operating in the region.

While this decision could have notable implications for regional security operations, it also reflects Niger’s determination to take greater control of its security and internal affairs.

The Nigerien government appears committed to asserting itself more prominently on the international stage by making decisions aligned with its national interests.

The response from the United States to this withdrawal request and the subsequent steps in bilateral relations between the two nations will be closely watched. This event underscores the significance of sovereignty and security considerations for African countries as they navigate a complex geopolitical landscape and seek to assert their positions on the global stage.


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