Burkina Faso/Terrorism: Detractors continue their strategy of demobilisation through communication

Since the beginning of the patriotic revolution in Burkina Faso, critics have used communication tactics to sow division, demoralize, demobilize, and denigrate the honourable sons and daughters of the country of upright people.

This hostile approach by enemies of Burkina Faso has led to the suspension of certain media outlets.

Today, others have taken up the mantle to continue the work desired by enemies of Burkina Faso.

They seize every opportunity to discredit authorities or make allegations against the brave fighting forces.

Allegations against the fighters (FDS and VDP) are often linked to their noble mission of defending and protecting the country and its citizens.

The barbaric acts of enemies of the bush are often baselessly attributed to the courageous men and women who sacrifice day and night on the frontlines for their homeland.

 The massacre of civilians in the village of Zaongo in November 2023, for example, became a new topic for those seeking to disrupt the momentum in the fight against terrorists.

This incident continues to tarnish the dedication and commitment of the fighters, amplified by media outlets serving the detractors.

They persist in attributing these massacres to the fighting forces without tangible evidence, before the final conclusions of the investigation, and worse, based on the accounts of three individuals claiming to have seen men in Burkinabe military attire.

This has sparked outrage from the Burkinabe government, especially as it has been noted that terrorists also use military uniforms.

Through a statement, the government has condemned the recent biased and malicious allegations made by two media outlets against the fighting forces.

However, it’s important to note that the Burkinabe people as a whole, including the primary victims of these allegations (the fighting forces), have understood the strategy of their detractors and are responding accordingly.

Several attempts at manipulation and division through cunning have been thwarted thanks to the patriotic spirit fostered by the people of Burkina Faso since Captain Ibrahim Traoré and his team came to power.


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