Burkina Faso/Counter-terrorism: An efficient intelligence service to ensure the rapidity of the fighting forces

The fight against terrorism in Burkina Faso hinges significantly on the critical role played by intelligence services. These services are instrumental in keeping combat forces vigilant and ahead of their adversaries, making the ongoing restructuring and reorganization of this sector by transitional authorities all the more crucial.

Upon assuming office, President Captain Ibrahim Traore made the national intelligence service a top priority.

He embarked on revitalizing this vital service for the Burkinabe army, focusing on enhancing both personnel and logistical capabilities, mirroring similar efforts across the entire armed forces, especially within combat units.

Presently, Burkinabe citizens can take pride in the effectiveness and professionalism of their intelligence services’ leadership.

Thanks to their efforts, combatants can proactively anticipate situations and foil enemy plans.

The recent resounding victory of Burkinabe fighters on March 25, 2024, underscores the indispensable role of intelligence in securing successful outcomes on the battlefield.

Based on the information provided by the intelligence service, it was reported that combatants inflicted another heavy blow on terrorists in the Gayérie area, located in the eastern region of Burkina Faso.

Over a hundred terrorists who were moving towards the locality to sow chaos were intercepted and neutralized.

Subsequently, a significant amount of war logistics was seized. The intelligence provided by the intelligence service enabled fighting forces to prepare effectively in anticipation of the enemy’s presence, leading to the successful confrontation.

Papa Ibrahima


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