Niger: General Tiani and Vladimir Putin continue talks on mutually beneficial cooperation

During a high-level phone conversation on March 26 between General Abdourahamane Tiani and President Vladimir Putin, a new phase in diplomatic rebalancing between Niger and Russia was initiated.

This dialogue between the two key figures delved deep into the prospects of a comprehensive and multisectoral strategic cooperation between their respective nations.

During the conversation, they extensively discussed collaboration opportunities in various areas, ranging from politics and defense to economics and culture.

They emphasized the importance of strengthening ties between Niger and Russia to promote regional stability and foster economic and social development.

This strategic cooperation was presented as being based on principles of equal partnership and mutual respect for national interests.

General Abdourahamane Tiani expressed deep appreciation for Moscow’s ongoing support to Niamey in its efforts to preserve national sovereignty and enhance capabilities across various domains.

This phone conversation not only marked a significant milestone in Niger-Russia relations but also laid the groundwork for fruitful and enduring future cooperation, beneficial to both parties and contributing to peace and prosperity in the region and beyond.


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