Burkina-Faso: Extension of General Mobilisation, A Salutary decision to complete the work of reclaiming the territory

The Burkinabe government convened its weekly council of ministers on March 27th, addressing several critical issues pertaining to the ongoing transition. Led by President Ibrahim Traoré, the Ministry of Defense announced the extension of the general mobilization and state of alert.

This extension, initially decreed by the Head of State at the onset of the fight against terrorism, is aimed at bolstering the progress and achievements already made.

General mobilization, whether in terms of human or financial resources, has played a pivotal role in reclaiming national territory.

In response to the president’s call, the Burkinabe populace, both domestically and abroad, rallied to support the transition efforts and armed forces in this crucial endeavor. Thousands of volunteers enlisted to defend the homeland, providing essential support to the armed forces.

Through various donations, the population contributes daily to acquiring equipment for defense and security forces, as well as improving the living conditions of Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) and other initiatives.

The tangible results on the ground are indeed impressive. Thousands of internally displaced persons have been resettled, schools and administrative offices have reopened across the nation, including in areas formerly under terrorist control.

Achieving such progress in a year is noteworthy, and extending this measure aims to solidify the country’s liberation fully, marking a return to normalcy and a significant triumph in the fight against terrorism.


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