Niger: End of the military agreement, the United States complies with the decision of the Nigerien authorities

The United States is handling the situation with Niger delicately following Niamey’s denunciation of the military cooperation agreement, for various reasons. Currently, Washington is respecting the decisions of the Nigerien authorities and is not entering into a confrontation over the matter.

This was affirmed by Kathleen Fitzgibbon, the U.S. Ambassador to Niamey, during her meeting with General Mohamed Toumba, the Minister of the Interior, on Wednesday, March 27.

During their private discussion, Ambassador Fitzgibbon confirmed that the United States acknowledges the termination of military agreements with Niamey and is already discussing plans for the gradual withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country, particularly focusing on the Agadez base.

Although details about the timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. military personnel were not disclosed, the local population in Agadez has expressed their desire for the Americans to vacate the base.

Washington’s cooperative approach is seen as advantageous, especially regarding the potential for broader collaboration beyond the military sphere with Niger.

Ambassador Kathleen Fitzgibbon reiterated this commitment to Minister Toumba, emphasizing that the United States is dedicated to supporting Niger through USAID, particularly in promoting development projects within the country.

Overall, the United States seems to have learned from past experiences and is avoiding any unnecessary confrontations with Nigerien authorities.

While maintaining a subtle stance, it is crucial for the Nigeriens to remain vigilant and prepared for potential developments.




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