Burkina Faso / President Ibrahim Traoré continues his efforts to improve the prison system: creation of a military prison facility

President Ibrahim Traoré of Burkina Faso has taken decisive steps towards modernizing and enhancing the country’s prison system. In a recent development during this Thursday’s Cabinet meeting, a decree was officially adopted, signaling the establishment of a military penitentiary facility in Ouagadougou.

This decree marks a significant revision of the original 2009 legislation that established a military penitentiary in the capital city.

However, since its inception, the capacity of the Armed Forces Detention and Correction Facility (MACA) has not experienced substantial growth.

This lack of expansion has presented significant challenges for the military prison administration.

The cramped and inadequate infrastructure for detainees has been a major concern, hindering the prison’s ability to comply with judicial guidelines aimed at preventing contact between specific inmates.

This situation has raised concerns about the safety and well-being of both detainees and prison staff.

One notable aspect of the new decree is the flexibility it grants to the Minister of Defense.

The minister now has the authority to annex additional premises to MACA as needed, beyond the current facilities.

This provision reflects an adaptable approach to the evolving challenges within the prison system and demonstrates a proactive stance in addressing the growing needs of the inmate population.

This initiative represents a significant milestone in Burkina Faso’s ongoing efforts to confront the persistent challenges within its prison system.

By providing adequate infrastructure and adopting a flexible approach to inmate management, the government reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the security, dignity, and fundamental rights of all individuals, even those in custody.




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